As the National Centre for Supplemental Instruction in Canada, SI Supervisor Training is offered by one of our Certified Trainers. At this training, participants will learn the essential elements of the SI model, and have a chance to understand and further consider the many factors that influence the successful pilot of an SI Program in the Canadian post-secondary landscape.

Certified Supplemental Instruction (SI) Supervisor Training

This training will provide you with all the tools you need to foster a successful SI Program on your campus! Training covers topics including:

  • SI in the Canadian context
  • Considerations in selecting SI courses and SI leaders
  • Roles of supervisors and leaders
  • Benefits of the SI model
  • Budgeting, evaluation and assessment of the program
  • Supervision of SI leaders
  • Theoretical underpinnings of the SI model
  • Effective SI session strategies

SI Supervisor and SI Leader manuals will be provided, as well as a certificate of completion. This is a two and a half day training program, with an additional day of training offered immediately afterward that concentrates more deeply on how to train SI leaders. This additional day is strongly recommended, as it allows for more intensive consideration of practical applications for SI Leader training, marketing and promotion, and skills and strategies used in effective SI sessions. A separate manual is also provided.

Certified SI Supervisor Training Dates

SI Supervisor Training is usually held twice a year in Guelph, ON in May and November/December. 

Details for the next training TBA on this page and on Twitter @SI_CDN. Please contact and request to join the contact list for the next training session.

You can also request on-site training sessions at your institution. Please contact us at if you are interested in this option.