Supplemental Instruction in Canada


Welcome to the Canadian National Center for Supplemental Instruction (SI) website. Here you will find information about the SI model in the Canadian context, upcoming training and events, and how you can become involved in the broader SI community.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a form of co-curricular academic support that supports high-risk courses rather than high-risk students. As a non-remedial approach available to all students enrolled in selected courses, weekly peer-facilitated study sessions are offered to help students compare notes, develop learning strategies, and prepare for exams. These sessions are facilitated by trained undergraduate students known as "SI Leaders", who have successfully taken the course before, and who re-attend lectures, connect with students and act as a role model.

At its core, the SI model helps students integrate what to learn with how to learn. It has been successfully implemented around the world as an effective retention strategy in a variety of higher education contexts. For more information about the SI model, please visit the International Center for Supplemental Instruction's website.